Discuss the Benefits of Utilizing Residential Propane in Your Family Home

Propane Services in Hopatcong Borough New Jersey

Propane is a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to electricity for many appliances. Propane Services in Hopatcong Borough, New Jersey discusses the benefits of using propane in your family home. Propane is an affordable choice that is ideal for families who want to minimize their carbon footprint and want to go green. Let us look at these benefits.

It is a high-energy alternative to traditional fuels. It has a higher-octane rating than gasoline. Propane is a colorless and odorless liquid that vaporizes into a gas. An electric heat pump delivers air only slightly warmer than the human body, but propane provides a consistent air supply around 115 degrees. Electricity will take an hour to reheat a hot water tank, but propane can do the job in 20 minutes. This is a surprisingly efficient choice for powering your home.

Propane is safe for the environment; it does not contaminate the soil or groundwater. It also has a low carbon content producing minimal emissions. Since propane is derived as a byproduct of natural gas, it reduces petroleum use.

It is a reliable choice in an emergency if your electricity is knocked out, your propane-fueled appliances will still work. If you keep your propane tank well maintained and filled, it will serve as heat when you need it the most. “If you are using propane, keep in mind that propane tanks are only filled to 80 percent of their capacity to allow for expansion. Propane expands in hot temperatures.”

Home propane tanks are typically buried well beyond the natural gas main. They are 20 times more puncture resistant than those used for gasoline, ethanol, and methanol. If you come across a propane leak the added odorant will help you detect it. Propane has the distinct smell of rotting eggs; this will alert you it is leaking. A carbon monoxide detector can provide added safety around propane appliances. Propane appliances can produce carbon monoxide, but a CO detector will alert you to high levels.

Propane is an affordable alternative to electric appliances. Heating your water with propane rather than electric will save you almost 30% of your total cost. “A propane clothes dryer is 50 percent more efficient than its electric counterpart. A tankless propane water heater can have an efficiency level as high as 94 percent.”

There are a lot of people that when they think of propane they think, “outdoor grilling,” but that is not always the case. Propane can power many household appliances. You can use it to heat your home or boiler, fireplaces, clothes dryers, ranges, and ovens can all run off propane. If your home can use propane, then you have many options available to you.

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