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Bordentown, NJ Propane

The city of Bordentown is located at the top of Burlington County, New Jersey where the Delaware River meets with Blacks Creek and Crosswicks Creek. The city is home to almost 4,000 people. Bordentown is the northernmost municipality in the state of New Jersey, which is considered a part of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 1682, Farnsworths Landing became the first recorded European settlement. Thomas Farnsworth was an English Quaker that built his cabin on the bluff that overlooked the bend in the Delaware River and gave it its first name. The area became the center of trade for the region. Joseph Borden arrived in 1717, and by May 1740 founded a transportation system to carry people and freight between New York City and Philadelphia. The land was eventually later named Bordentown after Joseph Bordon when it was incorporated as a Borough in New Jersey in 1825. The city has become a destination for weekend dining as well as for the occasional inspection of its book and record stores, historical sites, and art galleries. The active downtown business association sponsors an annual Iris Festival & Art Show in early May, an annual Street Fair in mid- to late May, and an annual Cranberry Festival in early October. The Bordentown Historical Society sponsors other events, such as the Holiday House Tour and Peach Social. 

Maintaining the history in this town is very important to its residents. Keeping their houses heated during the harsh months of winter is also most likely very important to the people of Bordentown. Fortunately for them, Gastec is their main provider for propane. Our propane company is able to offer some of the best services, for an equally great price. The satisfaction of our customers is more valuable to us than the extra money we could make if we were to over-charge. The residents of Bordentown can keep their house warm, power their stoves to prepare meals, and keep the lights running in case of an emergency, all with the residential propane services from our team of experts. Since the city is a weekend destination for many, keeping the commercial buildings fully powered is important for the upkeep of the city. The commercial propane services that we provide can be trusted to get the job done. Our Pennsylvania based propane company offers some of the best propane delivery services around. Our customers can enjoy propane delivery straight to their front door. It’s the Gastec difference.