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Bellmawr, NJ Propane

Bellmawr is a borough in Camden County, New Jersey, which is home to about 11,500 residents. In 1926, the community was incorporated as a borough from portions of the Centre Township, which no longer exists. The borough holds much history that dates pretty far back. During the American Revolution, William Harrison Jr. was a big supporter of the war, so he mortgaged his property and grist mill to raise money to form the Gloucester Town Militia, of which he served as captain. As a result of Captain Harrison’s role in the battle, the British burned one of his houses in Gloucester Town. The house then passed to the Tomlinson family in 1785, to the Glover family in 1835, and finally to the Diocese of Camden in 1921 to be used as New St. Mary’s Cemetery, now serving a new generation of immigrants, the Polish Catholics. Once serving as a long-time reminder of Bellmawr’s colonial past, the Hugg-Harrison-Glover House, a patterned-brick building nestled in the back of St. Mary’s Cemetery, stood the test of time for well over two centuries. Unfortunately, in the late Spring of 2016, the New Jersey-DOT demolished this landmark by constructing the “Direct Connect” highway expansion improvement program.  

The residents of Bellmawr will never have to worry about keeping their homes warm since they are in the good hands of Gastec. At our company, we provide propane delivery services for both residential and commercial use. Examples of ways the residents of Bellmawr could benefit from propane include providing heat to their homes, warming their water, and powering their stoves. Many customers cook their meals with propane power. 

Fortunately for the residents of Bellmawr, residential propane is a specialty of ours at Gastec. Don’t think that it ends there because commercial propane is another specialty of ours. Commercial propane services can help many business owners with restaurants, farms, and landscaping outfits. Community and home developers also gain benefits from our propane services. Is your company in need of a propane filling station? GasTec has the know-how and ability to install your filling station, allowing your employees to fill up cylinders as needed while increasing your opportunities for profit. We also provide round-the-clock customer service and reasonable prices for complete customer satisfaction. We care about our customers and want to provide the best propane services accessible for the people of Bellmawr.