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Annandale, NJ Propane

Home to 1,695 residents, Annandale is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) within Clinton Township, New Jersey. As of 1994, the Annandale Historic District is listed on the national register of historic places. The community spans just over 1.45 sq miles and experiences hot summers and cold winters due to the local humid continental climate. 

The Annandale Historic District is a historic district that encompasses the village of Annandale. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places for its significance regarding commerce, architecture, and industry from 1852 to 1930. The entire district includes just over 190 buildings. 

Annandale’s primary school is the Immaculate Conception School which serves local children from pre-k to eighth grade. Immaculate Conception School operates under the supervision of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen, located in the borough of Metuchen. Erected on November 19, 1981, the diocese encompasses the counties of Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren. The Bishop of Metuchen presides from the Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral in Metuchen. 

Annandale’s surrounding county of Hunterdon currently has a total population of close to 125,000 residents and spans 437 sq miles. A majority of the county lies in the Delaware Valley or the drainage basin of the Delaware River. Today, Delaware Valley is also used to refer to the Philadelphia/Reading/ Camden Area or CSA. While Hunterdonis not a part of the CSA but rather the New York-Nothern New Jersey-Long Island Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), it is located within New Jersey’s Skylands Region. Hunterdon was first established on March 11, 1714, after separating from Burlington County. Hunterdon’s rolling hills are known for their rich soil content and have produced bountiful crops for both Native American and European settlers in the area. Hunterdon land was purchased from the Native Americans from 1688-1758, with large land purchases taking place in 1703, 1709, and 1710. In total, 150,000 acres of New Jersey land was bough with clothing, blankets, barrels of rum and hard cider, guns, pots, and knives. 

Propane company GasTec recognizes the critical role education plays within the Annadale community. Of GasTec’s many propane services providing commercial propane remains one of GasTec’s specialties. Whether it be heating your school, heating water, emergency energy, or simply reducing your energy bill, GasTec will be there to provide reliable propane. In addition to commercial propane, GasTec also offers residential propane and propane delivery services so the residents of Annadale can enjoy propane delivery right to their door.