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Califon, NJ Propane

A well-known borough of Hunterdon County, Califon is home to more than 1076 residents and spans 0.98 sq miles. Incorporated on April 2, 1918, the town’s name was originally thought to be California; however, it was shortened to Califon so the lettering would fit the town’s welcome sign. The short story “The Greatest Gift” that inspired the 1946 classic Christmas film It’s a Wonderful Life was set in a town inspired by Califon. Additionally, the Califon historic iron bridge inspired the bridge that was heavily featured in the film. 

Originally a station on the High Bridge Branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, the rail line has since been abandoned. Today, the rail line serves as the Hunterdon County-administrated Colombia Trail, which runs from High Bridge to Morris County. While there were a number of mills built within the area, the area’s growth predominately took place during the mid-nineteenth century. According to local legend, the area became a frequently used rest stop by families taking weekend excursion trains through New Jersey. One of the features of these train tickets was that they came with a free ice cream voucher. The trains would stop so tourists could explore different stops and utilize their ice cream vouchers. The townspeople wanted to build upon this revenue source, and California residents petitioned the railroad to build a station. 

One of the main features of Califon is the historic iron bridge that connects the south branch of the town to the rest of Califon over the Raritan River. The State of New Jersey recently announced that the bridge would be replaced due to concerns with the bridge being used by school buses which possessed more weight than the bridge could safely carry. Local residents who objected to the bridge being replaced asked instead that students be unloaded from the bus at one end of the bridge and walk to the other end where they can be picked up by another empty school bus. The school system adopted this concept, and today students must walk across the bridge each school day. 

Propane company GasTec recognizes that in order to fully service a community, it must understand its history. GasTec has long proven its value to New Jersey residents and businesses and showcases this through its committed staff and affordable propane services. GasTec offers tailored commercial and residential propane services for all Califon borough’s propane needs from homes to the workplace.