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Flemington, NJ Propane

The county seat of Hunterdon County, the Flemington borough, is coated within central Hunterdon County and is home to more than 4500 residents. The majority of the borough is located in the low-lying area of the Newark Basin, also known as the Amwell Valley and the Raritan Valley. Finally, the Northwestern portions of the borough sit in the Hunterdon Plateau. 

The Flemington area was originally settled by the Lenin Lenape Native Americans, a historically matrilineal clan with twelve sub-clans throughout the East Coast. In 1712, the Flemington area and 9,170 acres of land were acquired by William Penn, founder of Philadelphia, and Daniel Coxe, an English physician, and Governor of West Jersey. The area is well known for its rich soil, and many early German and English settlers began farming and engaged in industries dependent on farm products and animals. In 1785, Flemington was chosen to be the County Seat of Hunterdon; however, a fire destroyed the old courthouse in 1826, and the city of Lambertville asked that the county seat be permanently relocated there. Lambertville’s request was denied, and the Flemington Courthouse was rebuilt on Main Street, where it sits today. 

In 1870 Flemington was formed as a town by New Jersey Legislature from portions of Raritan Township. In 1894, the town’s status was changed to a village and remained in Raritan Township. In 1910, Flemington was incorporated as an independent entity borough and formally separated from Raritan Township. In 1931, the borough’s incorporation was confirmed, and the borough was officially named after Samuel Fleming. 

As of 1980, more than 50% of Flemington borough has been included in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, and today, the Flemington Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Some of Flemington’s most predominant buildings include 

Union Hotel – An early 19th-century hotel in downtown Flemington that served as a restaurant until its closure in 2008. The current structure was built in 1877 on the site of a stagecoach stop that dates back to 1814. 

Flemington Castle – The first house in Flemington and owned by Samuel Fleming. The castle was purchased by the Borough of Flemington in 2005 and has operated as a historical museum since. 

Propane company GasTec has many years of experience servicing boroughs and towns located within the Raritan Valley. Since its founding, GasTec has provided exemplary customer service as well as commercial and residential propane services. From emergency propane to heating of office spaces and construction sites, GasTec can provide affordable rates and tailored plans to meet Flemington residents’ needs.