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High Bridge, NJ Propane

Located in the northern section of Hunterdon County, High Bridge borough was incorporated in 1871 and today is home to 3,650 residents. Originally incorporated as a township by New Jersey Legislature on March 29, 1871, from portions of Clinton Township and Lebanon Township, in 1898, the community was reincorporated as a borough. Five days after the reincorporation, High Bridge returned the remainder of their area to Clinton and Lebanon County.

The borough is known for its waterfront location on the Southern Branch of the Raritan River. During the 16th century, the water from the South Branch of the Raritan was an incredible power source for the ironworks trade and was used to establish the first ironworks in the United States. During the 1740s. William Allen and Joseph Turner of Philadelphia were the owners of the establishment, with Allen going on to become the mayor of Philadelphia, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, and a well-known landowner in the New Jersey area. The Central Railroad of New Jersey began a five-year construction on a 112 foot high, 1300 foot long bridge across the South Branch of the Raritan in 1859 in the High Bridge area; the borough would take its name after the structure in later years. 

Today, High Bridge’s economy is largely base on its downtown area, which includes eateries, services, and a wide variety of professionals. The Circa Restaurant, features in the New York Times, has received high praise by the newspaper’s food editor and has drawn in many visitors to the borough in recent years. The area is also well known for the Solitude House, built in 1710-1725, which was known as the iron plantation centerpiece that would later become Union Forge Ironworks. The building would be renamed many times and would also be called Taylor Iron and Steel Company and then eventually Taylor Wharton. John Penn, the final Royal Governor of Pennsylvania, and Benjamin Chew, the last Chief Just of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, were held as political prisoners at Solitude House during the American Revolutionary War. 

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