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commercial propane delivery services

Lambertville, NJ Propane

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If you don’t want your house to be seen as antique, you can call us to help you switch over to using propane, a green power source, in your home. We’re Gastec, a propane company that serves both the state of Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. We are experts in all things propane, so whatever you need it for, we can help you figure out a plan that works for you. We offer both residential propane and commercial propane, which are similar but have some differences. Residential propane is used in the average home, while commercial propane is used for larger buildings such as warehouses or office buildings. The commercial propane that we sell can also be used for certain work vehicles like forklifts. Our propane is offered for a great price because we wish for the customer’s happiness over everything else. We deliver propane too, following Covid guidelines and social distancing safety rules. Call us now, and we can get you settled with the price you need and the propane you want.