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Milford, NJ Propane

Located in the western section of Hunterdon County, Milford borough covers more than 1.27 sq miles is home to nearly 1,300 residents. Incorporated on May 8, 1911, from portions of Holland Township, Milford’s incorporation, however, wasn’t confirmed for another 14 years in 1925. Located on the banks of the Delaware River, Milford borough’s origins date bat to the mid 18th century when the development of a grist mill was established. The mill burned down in 1769; however, the settlement that remained was named Burnt Mills. Later remained Lowreytown after Thomas Lowrey, who purchased land in the area in 1796. By the beginning of the 1800s, the community was renamed for the third time and today is referred to as Milford.  

In May of 2010, Milford was documented as having more than 10.34 miles of roadways maintained by Hunterdon County and the municipality. The major roadway which passes through Milford is County Route 519, which extends 88 miles from Daniel Bray Highway and is the state’s longest county route. Milford residents frequently use Hunterdon County LINK, which provides bus services on Route 17 and 18, between Milford and Clinton borough. 

The Milford Borough School District serves kindergarten through eighth-grade students at Milford Public School. In the 2019 school year, the school’s total enrollment was listed at 88 students. In 2017, Milford was listed as having the 5th-smallest enrollment of any school district in the state, with a total enrollment of 81 students. Milford high school students attend Delaware Valley Regional High School with students from Alexandria Township, Frenchtown, Kingwood Township, and Holland Township. 

Milford borough has been home to many well-known Americans. Some of Milford’s most notable residents include Carlton Cooley, a famous violist and composer. Local ilustrator Richard Egielski is well-known for his work in the book Hey, Al.  Additionally, the 25th Governor of New Jersey, George C. Ludlow, was born in Milford in 1830. Finally, Abigail Roberts, a women’s rights activist, born in 1791, fought for women’s rights to serve as ministers and established the United Church in Milford. 

GasTec has long serviced the Milford borough and provided its residents with affordable and reliable propane and propane services. Propane company GasTec’s services include commercial and residential propane as well as propane delivery services.