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Pittstown, NJ Propane

An unincorporated community located within the boundaries of Alexandria, Franklin, and Union townships in Hunterdon County, Pittstown is well known for its historical sites and popular wineries. Named after William Pitt, a Prime Minister of Great Britain, the area was initially named Hofftown in the 18th century after local landowner Lawrence Hoff. One of the most visited sites within Pittstown is the Pittstown Historic District, added to the state and national registers of historic places in 1990.  

Pittstown’s historic district is located along Pittstown Road with several locations on Race Street and Quakertown Road. The area was added to the national and New Jersey register in 1990 for its significance in settlement, industry, transportation, agriculture, architecture, and military history. Pittstown Historic District contains 79 contributing buildings in total.  

Pittstown possesses several sites of interest within the community, including:  

The Pittstown Barn- Constructed in 1800, the barn now sits at the intersection of CR 579 and Pittstown road. The south side of a barn has an old county map with the words “So this is Pittstown” and “R U Lost” written above it. 

Pittstown Inn- Originally known as the Hoff’s Mill, the building is one of the oldest in Pittstown and has gone through several renovations since its foundation. The building has previously served as a tavern, informal town hall, stagecoach stopover, and as a lodging location for travelers. When owned by famous quartermaster Moore Furman, the building was known as the Century Hotel before a fire damaged the interior.  

The Refine Spa – Previously referred to as Furman’s Mill, the building was built as a stone grist mill near the Capoolong Creek by Moore Furman, the quartermaster general of George Washington’s army.  

Pittstown has been home to many prominent political figures throughout history, including Elmer H. Wene, member of the United States House of Representatives, Samuel L. Bovine, New Jersey Senator, and chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee during the 1950s.  

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