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Pottersville, NJ Propane

Located between Bedminster Township, Tewksbury Township, and Washington Township lies Pottersville, an unincorporated community and home to nearly 600 New Jersey residents. In 1990, the majority of the village was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Pottersville Village Historic District.

Originally called Lamington and later Potters Mills, the area has been associated with mills since the mid-1700s when William Willet built and owned several mills. One of these mills still remains on the left side of County Route 512 and was initially used for wearing woolen goods before becoming a grist mill. The first grist mill in New Jersey was built near the Lamington River, originally called Black River, but has since been demolished. William Willet’s primary client was the Continental Army, and throughout the Revolutionary War was paid in Continental currency, which became worthless in 1780. After he was financially ruined, Willet sold both mills to local businessman Serrin Potter in 1783, which the town was later named after. 

Pottersville Village Historic District encompassed the village and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 18, 1990. The district is well known for its significance regarding industry, architecture, commerce, settlement, and archaeology from roughly 1750 to 1925. In total, the district contains 44 contributing buildings, four contributing sites, and two contributing structures. The area covers roughly 85 acres and features architectural styles, including Italianate, Queen Anne, and Victorian. 

In 1887, Pottersville’s peach farmers shipped 200,000 baskets of peaches from Pottersville to New Germantown, today known as Oldwick. The peaches were shipped by wagon to Chester, Whitehouse, and various other communities in the area. This led to Pottersville’s peach industry’s enormous profit and encouraged the Rockaway Valley Railroad to build a spur to Pottersville in 1888. Once the spur was built, the land around the glen was made into an amusement park that contained a merry-go-round, dance pavilion, and music stand. The park later closed in the 1920s. 

While much has changed within Pottersville, the township businesses and residents still recognize propane company GasTec as one of the leading providers of propane within the township. Since its foundation, GasTec has shown a commitment to New Jersey communities and has consistently offered commercial and residential propane at competitive pricing. Today, propane company GasTec offers propane delivery services so the residents and businesses of Pottersville can now enjoy propane delivered straight to their front door!