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Quakertown, NJ Propane

Quakertown is an unincorporated community within  Franklin Township and Hunterdon County. Previously known as Fairview, Quakertown was settled by Quakers during the 18th century after Quakers organized a meeting house in the area. In 1990, the Quakertown Historic District was listed on the state and national register of historic places for its significance regarding architecture and community development. 

The Deats plow was invented in Quakertown in 1828 after local wheelwright John Deates invented the plow with his son Hiram Deats’ help. Hiram Deats began manufacturing the blows and built a foundry in the area for plow and stove castings. The business was successful, and Hiram later expanded the plow manufacturing business to Pittstown and Stockton. Hiram later would become the first millionaire in Hunterdon County. In 1836, John Allen built the local commercial tannery within Quakertown. The millstone that John Allen used for crushing tree bark and extracting tannin is now in front of the Potter/Allen house and used for educational purposes. 

The Quakertown Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 23, 1990, and designated on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places on February 20, 1990. The historic district, located along Quakertown Road and spans roughly 78 acres in area. The district features prominent buildings, including the Quaker Meeting House, Friends meeting house, Potter/Allen house, William Probasco House, and Quakertown Methodist Episcopal Church. The majority of the buildings were constructed during the late 1700s and early to mid-1800s. The Quakertown Methodist Episcopal Church is well known for being the tenth oldest Methodist Church in the country. 

In addition to Hiram Deats, Quakertown is home to well-known artist Toshiko Takaezu. Originally from Hawaii, Toshiko Takaezu retired to Quakertown after teaching at several universities and art schools, including the University of Wisconsin, Honolulu Academy of Art, and Princeton University. Takaezu was well known for her unique style of ceramics with closed or partially closed lids.

Since its foundation, propane company GasTec has serviced the businesses and residents of Quakertown and supplied affordable and reliable propane and propane services. Today, GasTec specializes in commercial and residential propane services, helping the people of Quakertown lite their fireplaces and heat their homes. GasTec looks forward to continuing to fulfill Quakertown’s propane needs by supplying competitive propane pricing and propane delivery services.