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Ringoes, NJ Propane

Known as the oldest known settlement in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Ringoesis an unincorporated community inside the East Amwell Township that lies at the intersection of what is now County Route 179 and John Ringo Road. Now home to about 5,500 people, the community grew around the historic John Ringo’s Tavern. At the time of the Revolutionary War, taverns provided several functions. In addition to serving alcohol and food, they offered lodging to travelers, as well as a place for a wide range of public gatherings, including town meetings, legal courts, and elections. John Ringo’s tavern was located on Old York Road, now Route 179, and provided these functions in this area. In 1766, the Sons of Liberty formed their Hunterdon Chapter at Ringo’s tavern. There is a legend that John Ringo buried gold treasure somewhere in the community to hide from pirates. The legend was taken seriously enough that the land has been deed restricted by the East Amwell Township NJ so that any gold found at the property would belong to the Township. Ringoes is also home to The BRW, or The Black River & Western Railroad, a short-line railroad that has been operating vintage steam and diesel-powered locomotives since 1965.

The climate in Ringoes is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. The people of Ringoes can rely on our propane services to keep their homes warm during the winter. There are many benefits of having propane in your home. Residential propane can be used to power various appliances such as stoves, barbecues, water heaters, dryers and more. Our propane company is able to provide these propane services and more for both commercial and residential facilities. Some commercial uses for propane include cost-effective fuel for landscaping, community and home developers, restaurants, and farms. Whether it be for a home or an office, no job is too big or too small. The residents of Ringoes will never have to worry about where or how to get propane because we provide 24/7 customer service and propane delivery. Our propane is offered for a fantastic price, and we do everything we can for our customers’ satisfaction. We want our customers to get the propane they need at the price that they want. We look after our customers and give them the best prices in the area for the work that we do. Our staff works hard so that our valued customers don’t have to.