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Stanton, NJ Propane

Within the Readington Township of Hunterdon County, New Jersey is the self-governing community of Stanton. Dating back to the 17th century, this community was originally settled by Dutch immigrants and was named Housel’s after a farmstead owner, Johannes Housel. After the death of the last owner of the Housel farmstead, the community took the name of the landowner, William Waggoner, then being called Waggoner’s Hill. The name was changed once again in the 20th century to be given the descriptive name of Mount Pleasant but would finally be known as Stanton due to confusion with another Mount Pleasant. The name “Stanton” was inspired from the estate of James Logan, Stenton. There are many sites in New Jersey that were names after James Logan, as he was a proprietor of West Jersey, a mayor of Philadelphia, and a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Perhaps Stanton should be more suitably named “The Town of Many Names.” With a valuable past, and present, the community of Stanton works hard at maintaining the beauty of their county. The Hunterdon County motto is “Ensuring Our Quality of Life Now and for the Future.” What was once a small rural settlement is now home to a bustling town with much better infrastructure.

Residents of Stanton clearly value quality and the importance of preparing for the future. Our propane services share this commitment to quality. Customer satisfaction with our propane services is always at the top of our list. As far as the future goes, propane is an environmentally friendly power source that our customers can feel great about utilizing. Our company works with various types of propane and we provide propane plans for both residential and commercial needs.  For residents of Stanton, residential propane services could be powering their stove, warming their homes, running their lights, or fueling back-up generators. Staying comfortable during the cold winters of New Jersey can be as simple as taking advantage of our propane delivery services and around-the-clock customer service. For Stanton business owners, our commitment to quality remains the same. With a track record of commercial propane services that power construction sites, mini malls and more, our company has everything Stanton could need in a propane provider. To learn more about our commitment to quality, or to have any of your propane questions answered, contact our experts today.