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Whitehouse, NJ Propane

Located along the former Jersey Turnpike, now U.S. Route 22, there is an independent community within the Readington Township of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Not to be confused with Whitehouse Station, the district is known for multiple historic sights and has been included in the National Register of Historic Places. In 1722, Abraham Van Horne purchased almost 500 acres of land along the Rockaway Creek where he built a grist mill, a sawmill, and a tavern. Stones from the tavern can still be seen today where it once stood with white plastered walls. Due to its location on a well-traveled path, the tavern received lots of visitors. The white walls led travelers to refer to it as the “White House.” The entire area to the east took its name from the little pre-Revolutionary tavern. Within the community is the Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial Park Cemetery, where Abraham Van Horne was laid to rest with at least nine other Revolutionary War veterans who were buried here as well. The plaque of Van Horne’s grave states that he was “Host to General Washington at the Old White House.” The residents of Whitehouse take pride in their history by providing warmth and comfort to the General and President George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Just as the residents of Whitehouse take pride in their history, we take pride in our propane services. Based out of Pennsylvania, we are happy to help our customers in the greater tri-state area day and night. Our excellent propane delivery services are able to reach across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. When winter comes, it is important to have a reliable heating system and propane is the best choice to heat your home. The propane used in the average house is referred to as residential propane, one of our specialties here at Gastec. Our propane can be used to do numerous different things in both residential and commercial settings. Some examples of residential propane services are warming homes, heating pools, powering lights, and running generators. Our abilities are not limited to just this! We also provide commercial propane services such as powering a large plant. Without breaking your bank, our propane company is able to provide top-notch propane services. Our customer satisfaction is our number one goal, so we try our hardest to provide the most reasonable prices for the best propane services in New Jersey.