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Stewartsville, NJ Propane

Named after Thomas Stewart, secretary to George Washington who purchased a property in Stewartsville in 1793, today, Stewartsville is an unincorporated community located with Greenwich Township in Warren County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the community’s total population is just over 349 residents. Stewartsville’s total area measures .129 sq miles at an elevation of 315 ft. Today, Stewartsville is accessible via Interstate 78. In the past, Stewartsville had a station on the Morris and Essex Railroad, just 80 miles outside of New York City.

Within Stewartsville lies two historic churches, the First Lutheran Church and the Stewartsville Presbyterian Church. Additionally, Stewartsville is home to the Kenny House and Mill, two historic buildings located at 305 NJ 173. On May 16, 1996, the buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places for their impressive architecture, political significance and industrial connections. The Kenny house was built c. 1815-1825 from coursed rubble stone construction. The gristmill located near the Pohatcong Creek is also made of rubble stone construction. The Pohatcong Creek is a 30.7 mile long tributary of the Delaware River. The creek beings in the mountains of eastern Warren County and flows southwest along the Pohatcong Mountian Ridge. The creek later joins Delaware in Pohatcong Township. The name Pohatcong comes from a Munster phrase meaning “at the rippling or lapping river.”

The Munsee were believed to be the first settlers of the Stewartsville area. A sub-tribe of the Lenape, the Munsee were known for settling along the upper position of the Delaware River and had a wolf principle totem. The tribe frequently assumed leadership roles for their nation during times of war and were prominent during early New York and New Jersey history for their relationships to European colonizers.

As one of the top suppliers of propane and propane services for northern New Jersey, GasTec has always made it a priority to get to know a community’s past so it can be a part of its future. Today, propane company GasTec offers the people of Stewartsville unparalleled commercial and residential propane as well as propane delivery services. Whether it be home heating or landscaping, GasTec will be there for the businesses and residents of Stewartsville.