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Lincoln University, PA Propane

Lincoln University is a historically black university. It’s located in Pennsylvania, near Oxford. Originally called Ashmun Institute, the university was private and it was founded in 1854. The Institution became public in 1972, and began accepting women in 1953. Lincoln University has about 2,200 students and it was renamed in 1866 after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The main campus is 422 acres and it has 56 buildings, including 15 residence halls, a health and wellness center, the Ivory Nelson Science Center and General Classroom High Technology Building, and an on-campus football stadium with concession stands and storage facilities. Lincoln University is a beautiful school full of students in both graduate and undergraduate programs. The students at Lincoln University can also attend their second campus in University City, Philadelphia. 


Lincoln University has a lot of homes that all need to be heated during the cold months. When the weather turns colder, propane can be a great way to warm your house. Residential propane will do just the trick, and lucky for you, it’s one of our specialties here at Gastec. Because we’re based in Pennsylvania, the students at Lincoln University can rely on us for all of their propane needs. Our company specializes in propane, so we can provide propane for many different settings. If you’re uncertain about the propane that you need, we can assist you with our 24/7 customer service and delivery services. We even provide propane for commercial buildings.  Lincoln University students can use residential propane to warm their houses or keep the power on in the event of a power outage. Our propane company  offers  propane for an affordable price that can compete with the other propane companies in Pennsylvania. We work with our customers from the very beginning of their shopping experience, and we’re more than willing to help out with any problems the customer may have. We want our customers to have the best possible experience, so we work hard to ensure their happiness. We care about our customers (and their wallets) so that’s why our staff works so hard to help out the customer in any way. With propane services ranging from residential propane to commercial, the students at Lincoln University can rest easy knowing that Gastec can provide any propane service they need.