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Brookhaven, PA Propane

Brookhaven is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 8,049 people and a total area of around 1.71 square miles, all land. A lot of the streets in the borough of Brookhaven are named after presidents. For example, Adams Drive, Lincoln Drive, Monroe Drive, and Jackson Drive. Brookhaven is a part of the Penn-Delco School District and it is home to Coebourn Elementary School. 

Originally, Brookhaven was a part of the land grant given to William Penn in 1681 by King Charles II of England. The borough used to rely mainly on the farming and dairy industries, along with the mill businesses. In the past, Brookhaven was a community that attracted people like doctors and lawyers. It was also somewhat of a weekend hotspot. Opened in 1972, the Cambridge Shopping Center is a place in Brookhaven where you can go to get your shopping done. It’s anchored by a Lowe’s which previously was a Giant and a Kmart. Brookhaven has a restaurant called the Tom Jones Restaurant, which was sued by the actual Tom Jones for using his name. The singer eventually dropped the lawsuit, and today the restaurant is under new ownership. 


Gastec is a propane company that helps serve all Pennsylvanians, including those in the wonderful town of Brookhaven. Like many other neighborhoods, the people of Brookhaven care about clean, accessible, and inexpensive energy. This is why many Brookhaven residents have chosen to heat their homes with Gastec propane. Gastec prides itself not only on our low prices, but also our customer service team, which offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are more than happy to help any customer find the type of propane that will fit their needs. Whether your concerns are keeping your power on in the case of an emergency, our outdoor patio heating, the professionals at Gastec can help with any and all propane needs.