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Havertown, PA Propane

Havertown is an unincorporated community in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The community is considered a residential suburb. Havertown is actually only a postal address for the community, and the areas within Havertown are referred to with different titles that all fall under the area name of Haverford. Haverford Township was created by Quakers from Wales in 1681 after they purchased the land from William Penn. Havertown was home to a ton of historical sites, such as the Grange Estate, which housed figures from the Revolutionary War such as George Washington and General Lafayette. There is a ton of rich history in Havertown to explore that isn’t in the form of a building, too. There is the historic Haverford Road, which was one of the earliest roads that was laid out by civil ordinance. It was planned around 1687 and the road was built by around 1703. 

Havertown is a community that is loved by lovers of nature due to the fact that it has over 30 outdoor parks and playing fields. The parks include Llanerch Park, Karakung Field/Drive, Chatham Glen, The Grange Field, and Haverford Reserve/Freedom Playground. If enjoying nature isn’t to your liking, Havertown also has the Haverford Township Free Library, and the Haverford Township Skatium, which is a multi-use ice rink for the residents of the community. 


 While in the community of Havertown, you can rest easy knowing that your home can be powered and kept running by propane in the event of an emergency. Say a power shortage ran through the town, your house would still be running following your switch to propane. Don’t know how to start the switch? Lucky for you, our propane company, Gastec, is more than happy to help out all of the residents of Pennsylvania with their propane issues so that they can live a greener and cleaner life. With our propane you can cook in the kitchen and enjoy a nice warm house. We’re also experts in commercial propane, which can help you power and run a company building or fuel vehicles like forklifts. Our company also offers dedicated customer service, so you can chat with our kind and caring staff any hour of the day about your propane plan. We also deliver our propane so you have nothing to worry about. And don’t even worry about your wallet, because we go toe to toe against all of the other companies, so you get the price you want and deserve.