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Ambler, PA Propane

Ambler is a small borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania just north of the city center of Philadelphia. William and George Harmer are listed among the Quakers who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1682. In 1716, William and George Harmer purchased a 408-acre tract from William Penn, an area including most of what now is Ambler Borough. They are credited as the first landholders to actually settle in the area. William Harmer built a grist mill powered by the Wissahickon Creek, “the first commercial venture in the Ambler area”. In 1855, Wissahickon Station became a stop on the North Pennsylvania Railroad line. The next year, the town was the site of a disastrous train accident: The Great Train Wreck of 1856. Mary Johnson Ambler, a local Quaker woman, walked two miles to the crash site, bringing medical supplies and directing rescue efforts. Thirteen years later, in 1869, the railway company renamed the station Ambler in her honor. The post office followed suit, and when the borough was formally incorporated on June 16, 1888, it too took the name of Ambler, in honor of Mary Johnson Ambler. While only covering less than a square mile of land, the community is home to about 6,4000 residents. The borough has churches, affordable housing, great schools, convenient public transportation accessibility, parks and recreation facilities, and a “walkable” downtown that make it an ideal location for living, working and playing.

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