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Bridgeport, PA Propane

Bridgeport is a borough located in the heart of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, just 18 miles north of Philadelphia along the Schuylkill River. The suburb is now home to over 4,500 residents about six miles east of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. During the American Revolutionary War, General George Washington and the Continental Army passed through Bridgeport on their way to their winter encampment in Valley Forge. With only covering around 0.8 square miles of land, Bridgeport is one of the smaller municipalities in Montgomery County, but its unique character and hometown feel make it stand out as a desirable place to live and work. Bridgeport Borough is easily accessible by road and rail; it hosts state routes 23 and 202 and is also serviced by the SEPTA 99 Bus Route and Norristown High-Speed Rail Line. The Bridgeport Bridge is a Historic American Engineering Record-documented Philadelphia & Western Railway bridge spanning the Schuylkill River west of DeKalb Street. It is a single-track curving structure that was built in 1912. The structure, including trestle approaches and spans over the river, has been believed to be “perhaps the longest bridge on an American interurban railroad”. With an excellent school district, affordable housing, easy access to public transit, walkable downtown, and many community events are the driving force behind Bridgeport Borough’s continued success.

With all of the restaurants and shops and homes in the community, the people of Bridgeport are in for a treat with the benefits that they may reap from choosing Gastec for their propane needs. We provide propane services for a diverse variety of uses in both residential and commercial settings. Residents of Bridgeport can use propane to keep their houses warm, keep their showers hot, and keep their lights turned on. Propane is such a good way to power your home. Propane is a clean source of power that is not harmful to the environment. It is also immensely powerful and can power large scale things like restaurants, farms, and large plants. We see the residents of Bridgeport as our valued customers, so they can always rely on us for any of their propane needs. They will have 24/7 access to our customer service team that is dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with their propane service. Our propane company also provides the best propane delivery services that allow us to reach customers across the state. Our reach expands throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Bridgeport is part of this reach and gets to experience the benefits of having the environmentally friendly power source used in their homes and commercial buildings around the community.