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Bryn Athyn, PA Propane

The Borough of Bryn Athyn is an affluent home rule municipality in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is home to just over 1,300 people. It was formed for religious reasons from Moreland Township on February 8, 1916. “Bryn Athyn” was intended to mean “Hill of Unity” by its founders. Bryn Athyn is a tiny jewel tucked in suburban Montgomery County, just outside of Northeast Philadelphia. 1.9 square miles of mostly open space, Bryn Athyn is an oasis in the suburbs. Originally part of Moreland Township, in 1916 Bryn Athyn leaders petitioned the Commonwealth to become an independent community.  The Township of Moreland was then divided into Upper Moreland Township, Bryn Athyn Borough and Lower Moreland Township. Bryn Athyn became a Home Rule Municipality in 1979. Bryn Athyn Cathedral serves as the episcopal seat of the General Church of the New Jerusalem, an international Swedenborgian church. Bryn Athyn Cathedral, built in the early 20th century, is renowned for its stained-glass collection and for its unusual architecture, which follows the arts and crafts tradition. Its construction was financed by John Pitcairn, and supervised by his son, Raymond Pitcairn. Bryn Athyn is also the site of the General Church affiliated Academy of the New Church, which is the parent organization of the Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools, Bryn Athyn College, a divinity school, and the Swedenborg Library, which was named in honor of Emanuel Swedenborg, whose writings constitute the doctrine of the New Church.

In a town where most people know each other, word travels quickly about the quality of service. The people of Bryn Athyn can truly rest a bit easier with the knowledge that they are in the trusted hands of Gastec for their propane needs. We offer the best propane services in Montgomery County for the best prices. Making sure to give the biggest bang for your buck, we also supply propane delivery services to people throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We concentrate on both residential and commercial propane services. The residents of homes in Bryn Athyn will be able to benefit from the residential propane services from Gastec. Keeping the house warm and cozy during the cold season is a residential use of propane. So is powering generators, stoves, hot-water systems, and lights. Don’t forget our commercial clientele like restaurants, farms, landscaping outfits, and more. There isn’t a propane job that is too hard for us to handle at Gastec. With all of our different types of clients in the different types of places, we have 24/7 customer service reps with the answers to all of your questions. Bryn Athyn cannot go wrong with Gastec as their choice for propane services in Pennsylvania.