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Collegeville, PA Propane

Collegeville is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and a suburb of Philadelphia on the Perkiomen Creek. Collegeville and the surrounding area are rapidly growing. The borough of Collegeville is home to Ursinus College, as well as many local businesses. The area which is present day Collegeville was part of the original William Penn purchase of “All the land lying on the Pahkehoma” in 1684. In 1799, Perkiomen Bridge was constructed using funds raised from a special lottery approved by the Pennsylvania Legislature. When the trains first arrived in the area in 1868, there was a debate about naming of the station (Perkiomen Bridge vs Freeland). The local citizens had acquired notoriety when they had burned down the toll booth on the Perkiomen Bridge and thrown the gate into the river. The rail company avoided any troubles by naming it “Collegeville” since the station was actually closer to the Pennsylvania Female College than either Freeland School or Perkiomen Bridge. Ursinus College was founded a year later in 1869. Thus, the name “Collegeville” precedes the establishment of Ursinus College, and it is actually named after the other four-year liberal arts college, the Pennsylvania Female College, which closed in 1880. Collegeville was incorporated as Borough in 1896.

The residents and students of Collegeville can use propane to heat their homes and keep on their lights. Here at Gastec, we are able to help the business owners of Collegeville as well because we specialize in both residential and commercial propane. Our propane services could even take on the challenge of the college campus in the area. With the versatility of the fuel, propane can be used for any type of job that you may have. Fortunately for the residents of Collegeville, Gastec is known for their competency in residential and commercial propane services. For your family to stay warm during the winter, the residential propane services at Gastec can do the job. Anything from powering a grill to the back-up generator, propane can help in your home. Commercial propane is also a skill of Gastec’s that is able to help business owners across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Since our clients are sprawled out, we provide them with excellent propane delivery services that allow our clients to have their propane brought right to their door. We are able to provide top notch service at low prices. Making our customers happy makes us happy, which is why we offer around the clock customer service to ensure that our clients are always taken care of and thrilled with the service provided.