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Colmar, PA Propane

Colmar is a suburb that is part of the Hatfield Township Montgomery County, Pennsylvania along the State Route 309. The Bridge in Hatfield Township is a historic stone arch bridge located at Unionville in Hatfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The bridge was built in 1874. It has two 20-foot-long spans with an overall length of 100-foot. The bridge crosses the west branch of Neshaminy Creek. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. Oak Park Historic District is a national historic district located in Hatfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It encompasses 33 contributing buildings and 1 contributing structure dated from 1912 to the 1980s in a planned residential neighborhood. The residences reflect a variety of popular late 19th- and 20th-century architectural styles including Bungalow/American Craftsman, cottage revival, and Colonial Revival. The contributing structure is the entry gate to the suburban development. The West Branch Neshaminy Creek forms the natural northern boundary to Colmar and flows eastward into the Neshaminy Creek. It is located in Hatfield and Montgomery Townships. It is served by the North Penn School District and is part of the North Penn Valley region that is centered on the borough of Lansdale. Colmar is important to transportation in the northern Delaware Valley due to its location on Route 309 and having the Colmar station on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line of SEPTA Regional Rail.

The community of Colmar can rely on Gastec to provide the perfect propane services for their schools, restaurants, and homes. The clean source of power, propane, is an environmentally friendly fuel that can power anything from a kitchen stove to an entire strip mall of restaurants. Some of the residential propane services that Gastec provides include heating homes, pools, water heaters, and stoves. It can also be used to power a generator in the event of a blackout or another emergency. Our commercial propane services could be powering a forklift, a streetlight, or an entire construction site. Basically, any job you bring to Gastec, we can do it. We do our best to keep our customers happy. For total customer satisfaction, we provide them will access to our 24/7 customer service team that is able to fix any problem that may come their way. We offer the best prices around for the best propane services you could imagine. With our propane delivery services, we are able to reach our clients that are all across the state, across Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The residents of Colmar can go to Gastec for any and all of their propane needs.