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Easy Greenville, PA Propane

East Greenville is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with a population of almost 3,000 people. Living in East Greenville offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in East Greenville and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in East Greenville are above average. As a village, East Greenville Borough has been in existence since 1750. In 1852 Jacob Hillegass named East Greenville after a great pine tree that was observable from all parts of the surrounding countryside. By the late eighteen hundreds, the Borough had become a railroad town. It contained drug, stock, shoe, and general merchandise stores. In 1875, the year of incorporation, the 0.61-square mile borough could boast of lumber, feed, and flour industries. The jeweler, blacksmith, and carriage builder all plied their trades. The Borough also contained a wagoner’s shop and a “segar” factory. A water system was laid in 1894, and the Greenville Academy was established in 1854. Later in 1900, a fire company was also organized. The Borough today has little land remaining for development and has focused on revitalization opportunities for the past several years. Its older but well-maintained housing stock provides home ownership for many, while East Greenville retains its historical and small-town flavor.

The residents and business owners in East Greenville are in the reliable hands of Gastec to receive all of their propane needs. There may not be many homes in this community, but the few that there are, will be able to use the residential propane services provided by Gastec. These residential propane services include uses such as heating homes, warming water, and running lights. For the bigger jobs in the community, like the sugar factory that has been built in the community, our commercial propane services can power it. Commercial propane services can include anything from powering a forklift to an entire strip mall. Our customers are our highest priority, so in order to keep them happy we offer access to our customer service department day and night. Since our propane company is based in Pennsylvania, we extend propane delivery services to all of our customers, whether they are located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey. Here at Gastec, we take pride in our work and will do our best to take on any job, no matter the difficulty or size.