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Fairview Village, PA Propane

Fairview Village is an unincorporated community in the Worcester Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Originally settled by the English and English Quakers from Chester County as early as 1730, and German immigrants from the York and Hanover areas in the late 1700’s, much of the land now encompassed by Fairview Township was part of Pennsborough Township, Lancaster County. York County, when separated from Lancaster in 1749, had no definitely established northern boundary. In 1751, after the formation of Cumberland from Lancaster County, the Provincial Assembly passed a special Act making the Yellow Breeches Creek the official boundary between counties. At that time, the lands in this area were annexed to Newberry Township where they remained until February 1803, when the York County Court approved petitions of area citizens to create the Township of Fairview. In 1807, a 120-lot village was laid out, and lots were sold by lottery drawing held at the local tavern. The development of better highway systems and the suburban growth of the Harrisburg area have greatly changed portions of the Township over the last 50 years. Although a significant part of Fairview is still agriculturally oriented, the spread of residential development and influx of commercial and industrial facilities continue to enhance career opportunities and the quality of life for the residents of Fairview Township.

The residents Fairview would be able to help maintain and even improve the quality of their environment by choosing propane to power their homes. Propane is a clean source of power that is both safe for the environment and quite useful in many different settings. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with the propane serves that best fit their needs. We specialize in residential propane for at home, and commercial propane for businesses. Residential propane could be anything from taking a hot shower to powering a generator. There are just so many unique ways to use propane. Our propane company also is able to take on the larger scale projects with our commercial propane. Keeping the restored schoolhouse warm in the winter could be a task for our commercial propane. In the hopes of always keeping our customers happy, we supply them with constant access to our customer service team. We want to make sure that our clients are offered the absolute best services for the most reasonable price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy. With our propane delivery services, Fairview is not too far from our Pennsylvania based company. Our team of experts awaits your call.