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Frederick, PA Propane

Frederick is an unincorporated community in the Upper Frederick Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania along the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 73 and Colonial Road. Upper Frederick Township is located in the western section of Montgomery County. The township area is a quiet countryside within 2 hours of the nation’s capital. It is 30 miles to Philadelphia and 15 miles to Norristown, the County Seat. Frederick, by the mid-18th century was a village of 60 inhabitants. It contained a post office, general store, creamery, blacksmith’s shop, tannery, and 13 houses. Frederick was one of a number of towns to grow up along the Great Road, now known as Route 73. Obelisk, originally named Roseville, was also located on the Great Road. In 1884, the town was comprised of a church, general store, tinsmith’s shop, schoolhouse, one clothing factory, and 12 houses. The total population was about 65 persons. Many viable farms still operate in the township, but we have begun to see some modest residential development over the past few years. Upper Frederick Township’s Board of Supervisors is dedicated to preserving and protecting the beautiful rural character of the township. To date approximately 100 acres has been preserved as township park land.

A great way to help the residents preserve the rural character of Frederick would be to choose propane for their power needs. Propane is an environmentally friendly source of power that is not harmful to the environment. The residents of Frederick could seriously benefit from using the propane services of ours here at Gastec. We would be able to offer our residential propane for in their homes, and commercial propane for the housing developments that are still under construction. Propane can be used for an array of different things. Propane is able to help people keep on the lights, the stove, the hot water, and the generator. These are all examples of residential propane, which is something that we have years of experience with. We want our customers to get the best propane services that they can, and this includes our assistance with any and every problem. Our propane company also provides the best propane delivery services that allow us to reach customers across the state. We offer this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week along with around the clock customer service. Our reach expands throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. The people in Frederick have nothing to worry about because they are in the trusted hands of Gastec. Our team of propane experts will stop at nothing to ensure complete customer satisfaction.