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Gladwyne, PA Propane

Within Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Gladwyne is a suburban community that is home to about 4,000 residents. Originally settled by Welsh Quakers beginning in 1682, Gladwyne was known as “Merion Square” up until 1891. Gladwyne is still a quiet, walkable country village, Lower Merion’s first town. It evolved at the intersection of the roads now called Youngsford and Righters Mill. The Merion Square Hotel, which is now the Old Guard House Inn, was built on land that was once part of a 250-acre tract of Welshman Richard Walter. It was built in three stages, the earliest dates from about 1810-1817, completely surrounded by farm land. Although there is no evidence that the building was in existence earlier, there is a legend that during the Revolution colonial troops stopped there to quench their thirst. The Merion Square settlement, in early years, became known as War Office because John Rawlins, a captain of a volunteer rifle company, recruited soldiers there for the War of 1812.  Later, as the hamlet grew, a new owner, David N. Egbert, changed the village name to the less bellicose Merion Square. Egbert’s store later became Cornman’s, then a hardware store. Gladwyne is a contrived name and was probably first used by the Reading Railroad for its stop at Mill Creek to avoid confusion with other Merions in the township.

The propane services here at Gastec are perfect for the people of Gladwyne to preserve the beautiful history that their community has to offer. There is not a job that we will not try and tackle. Every customer is a valued customer and gets our complete attention. This is why we provide around the clock access to our customer service team to help you with any questions that may come your way. We are able to give our clients the best possible service, for the lowest possible price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy at all times. Our propane delivery services outshine all of the others as we are able to effectively reach our clients in short amounts of time. The convenience of having your propane delivered to your door is pretty hard to beat as well. Here at Gastec, we offer the best of the best when it comes to residential or commercial propane services. Our commercial propane services could help power an important building such as the Old Guard House Inn. Residential propane is what people can use to warm their homes, power a stove, or turn on the lights. The eco-friendly fuel can also be used in commercial settings and is extremely helpful with construction and other larger commercial projects. The residents of Gladwyne will be staying warm this winter with the help of Gastec.