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Glenside, PA Propane

Glenside is a census-designated place within the Cheltenham Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is home to just over 8,300 people. Glenside is most notable for its entertainment like the Keswick Theatre, restaurants, recreational facilities and parks. Glenside is a product of 300 years’ worth of history. Glenside was created in 1683 as part of Cheltenham Township, which became part of the County of Philadelphia a year later. On the 10th of September 1695, Philadelphia County was dissolved, and Montgomery County was formed instead. So, Glenside came to be identified as part of Montgomery County with Cheltenham becoming the smallest township in the area. Much of the development in Glenside was as a result of the efforts of William Penn when he deeded a land grant to a group of 15 fellow Englishmen. The interactions of many generations have given rise to individuals and events that have developed cultural and physical development of the area. As a result, the history of Glenside is filled with local, national and regional heroes and other big names whose individuals have remarkable achievements. Thanks to the preservation efforts of the Glenside authorities, the rich history, and artifacts relics can be found in the Glenside Museum.

For the commercial buildings that are near and dear to the residents of Glenside, having a reliable source of power should be a top priority. Here at Gastec, we could keep important buildings like the Keswick Theatre or even the Glenside Museum up and running smoothly with our commercial propane. We provide propane services for a diverse variety of uses in both residential and commercial settings. Residents of Glenside can use propane to keep their houses warm, keep their showers hot, and keep their lights turned on. Propane is such a good way to power your home. Propane is a clean source of power that is not harmful to the environment. It is also enormously powerful and can power large scale things like restaurants, farms, and large plants. We see the residents of Glenside as our valued customers, so they can always rely on us for any of their propane needs. They will have 24/7 access to our customer service team that is dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with their propane service. Our propane company also provides the best propane delivery services that allow us to reach customers across the state. Our reach expands throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and of course Pennsylvania. Glenside is part of this reach as we are a Pennsylvania based propane company, so they get to experience the benefits of having the environmentally friendly power source used in their homes and commercial buildings around the community.