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Harleysville, PA Propane

Home to over 9,000 residents, Harleysville is a census-designated place in the Lower Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The area now known as Lower Salford, Upper Salford, Salford and Marlborough Township was originally one municipality known as Salford Township. As this area was too large to govern, and with most of the early settlers located in the  lower section of the township, a resident named Jacob Reiff, acting on behalf of his neighbors, submitted a petition to the Philadelphia County officials to create what is now Lower Salford Township. The first residents were of Germanic descent, having immigrated primarily from Germany, Switzerland and Holland. As most of these settlers came from an agricultural background, farming was their means of livelihood. Lower Salford grew along with its towns and villages; Harleysville, Mainland, Lederach and Vernfield. These usually sprung up with an inn or tavern and a general store at their center. After WWII, Lower Salford saw the beginning of the transformation from a farming region to a growing suburban community. The old general store gave way to a grocery store, then progresses to become a supermarket. The local insurance company grew, banks expanded their financial services to assist the individual and local businesses and traffic lights began to appear at major intersections.

Over the generations, the residents of Harleysville have watched their town transform from a small historic community to a bustling suburb. Here at Gastec, grow with the community as we are always able to offer them top notch propane services for the lowest prices. We concentrate on both residential and commercial propane services. The residents of homes in Harleysville will be able to benefit from the residential propane services from Gastec. Keeping the house warm and cozy during the cold season is a residential use of propane. So is powering generators, stoves, hot-water systems, and lights. Don’t forget our commercial clientele like restaurants, farms, landscaping outfits, and more. There isn’t a job that is too hard to handle for Gastec. With all of our different types of clients in the different types of places, we have 24/7 customer service reps with the answers to all of your questions. Harleysville cannot go wrong with Gastec as their choice for propane services in Pennsylvania. Our customers happiness has always been at the very top of our priority list. Since keeping our customers happy is our number one goal, we are able to offer our exceptional propane services for the prices that our clients can comfortably afford.