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Hatboro, PA Propane

As the locals call the Boro, Hatboro is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Hatboro is located about 25 miles north of Philadelphia. Although a relatively small 1.5 miles in area, the town has evolved from a collection of farms to a vibrant community of nearly 8,000. The main business thoroughfare is a half-mile stretch of Old York Road that runs north to south from County Line Road to Byberry Road, and features restaurants, gift shops, consignment stores, pharmacies, and specialty retailers. Hatboro holds an important and fascinating history. It was the site of a Revolutionary War battle, a visit by future president George Washington, and buildings and institutions dating over two centuries old. Hatboro is host to a number of old, historic buildings and structures. One of the town’s many fine restaurants is the Old Mill Inn, located on Old York and Horsham roads. Built as a grist mill in 1724, the structure has undergone significant renovations in its 284-year history, but still retains its bucolic charm. The main branch of Hatboro Federal Savings Bank is situated in an old stone building known as the John Harrison House, which was erected in 1742. The Union Library Company of Hatboro occupies a Greek Revival-style building that is much more spacious inside than it appears from the colonnaded façade. Although the actual structure is only 158 years old, the library itself has officially been in operation since 1756.

A vibrant community like the Boro needs a power source that they can rely on to fit their every need. Thankfully for the residents of Hatboro, here at Gastec we specialize in residential and commercial propane. The line of restaurants, gift shops, and consignment stores along Old York Road would always have power if they chose to use the commercial propane services that we offer at our propane company. With propane delivery services that range across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware we are able to access many people. We make sure to provide them with the best residential and commercial propane services. Residential propane can be anything from having a hot shower to grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The restaurants that you and your family may go on the nights that cooking is just too much use our commercial propane services here at Gastec. To ensure the maximum customer fulfillment, we have representatives at the ready to help our clients with any questions they may have. All of this may sound too good to be true, but it gets even better. Gastec is able to supply our clients with the finest propane services for incredibly affordable prices. The people of Hatboro will be able to keep their lights running with the help of everyone here at Gastec. We genuinely care about our customers, so we will do whatever we have to do to make sure that their propane is handled, installed, and delivered with the absolute best care.