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Hatfield, PA Propane

Hatfield is a borough within the Hatfield Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with a population of around 3,2000 people. Founded in 1742, Hatfield Township was named either after a Welsh village in Hertfordshire, England, or after an early Welsh settler of the area, John Hatfield. In the early 1800’s, there were very few roads and buildings in the area that was to become Hatfield Borough. Even in those days, men of entrepreneurial spirit knew that the prime location for a business was at a major intersection, and that being near a railroad station would be an added bonus. The former Bean’s Store building, built in 1827 on the south-west corner of Main and Vine Streets, another main intersection, is believed to be the oldest building still standing in the Borough. On July 7, 1857, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company completed construction of a railroad line from Philadelphia to Bethlehem, PA through the open farmland of Hatfield Township. After the railroad was built, people began to build and settle in the area of the Hatfield Train Station, drawn by its convenience to public transportation. Part of the North Penn Valley region, the borough covers a total area of 0.6 square miles of land that is surrounded by the Hatfield Township.

Despite its small size, the borough is home to many who keep the community feeling lively and bustling with business. The business owners in Hatfield will be able to keep their business always open with power with the reliability of a power source like propane. Here at Gastec, we provide the best of the best when it comes to propane services for both commercial and residential purposes. Examples of ways the residents of Hatfield could benefit from propane would be to heat their homes, warm their water, and power their stoves. Just cooking a meal can be run by propane. Fortunately for the residents of Hatfield, residential propane is a specialty of ours at Gastec. Don’t think that it ends there because commercial propane is another specialty of ours. Commercial propane services are able to help many business owners with restaurants, farms, and landscaping outfits. Community and home developers also gain benefit from our propane services here at Gastec. Is your company in need of its own propane filling station? Gastec has the know-how and ability to install your own filling station, allowing your employees to fill up cylinders as needed while increasing your own opportunities for profit. We also provide round the clock customer service and reasonable prices for complete customer satisfaction.