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Haverford, PA Propane

About three miles west of Philadelphia, is the affluent unincorporated community known as Haverford. The suburb is part of the Lower Merion Township within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, as well as the Haverford Township within Delaware County. Haverford is named after the town of Haverfordwest in Wales, UK. The area was primarily agricultural until the second decade of the twentieth century. The two creeks that mark part of the township boundaries, Cobbs Creek and Darby Creek provided mill seats for the early settlers. Today, Haverford is most notable for being the site of Haverford College and one of the United States’ oldest country clubs, the Merion Cricket Club. Haverford College is a private liberal arts college in Haverford, Pennsylvania. All students at the college are undergraduates and nearly all reside on campus. The college was founded in 1833 by Quakers, and although the college no longer has a formal religious affiliation, Quaker philosophy still influences campus life. The college offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 31 majors across humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Also in Haverford, the Merion Cricket Club Golf Association incorporated Clifton Hall an old farmhouse, in their clubhouse. They have 140 acres in the main course or East Course and 160 acres in the West Course

The residents of Haverford are in good hands with Gastec as their propane provider. For years we have been providing incredible propane services for even better prices. Based out of Pennsylvania, we provide excellent propane delivery services throughout the state and into New Jersey and Delaware as well. This around-the-clock propane delivery service always keeps us assessable to ensure that our clients are always taken care of. We genuinely care about our customers, so we will make sure that the propane is delivered, handled, and installed with the utmost care. Our propane company specializes in residential propane, as well as commercial propane, and we provide excellent services for both. Residential propane is the propane that is used for in your home, like the kitchen stove, hot water heater, or generator. Our propane can be used in a multitude of different ways in a home and in commercial settings. Places like schools and restaurants can really benefit from using the commercial propane services from Gastec. The Haverford College could be completely powered by our propane. Providing our customers with the best propane service that they can is our top priority, and that includes helping them with any problem that may come their way.