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Horsham, PA Propane

Horsham is a suburb that is located entirely within the Horsham Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Horsham Township was established in 1717 by Samuel Carpenter who was from the town of Horsham in Sussex County, England. Horsham is one of several townships in Montgomery County whose name and size were determined by master survey lines drawn by William Penn’s engineers as they first plotted this part of the colony for sale and settlement. The first road in Horsham Township was a Native American trail connecting the Delaware and Schuylkill valleys. Through most of the early and the middle 19th Century, Horsham’s population grew slowly. Its character was not altered in any significant way until about 1872, when the North Pennsylvania Railroad extended a rail line from Glenside to New Hope and established a station in the nearby community of Hatboro. Today, Horsham is home to the Horsham Air Guard Station at the former site of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove. In 1942, the United States Navy purchased what became known as Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS-JRB) Willow Grove which had contributed to national defense for over six decades. Today, there are virtually no remaining signs of the original settlement.

Gastec is a Pennsylvania-based propane company that the people of Horsham can trust with their community to rely on for any and every one of their propane needs. Even a need as big as powering the Horsham Air Guard Station that is located within the community. Here at Gastec, we provide commercial propane services that would be able to help keep the communities businesses up and running. Propane is an excellent source of power that is totally safe for the environment. It is also quite useful and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Heating the house, powering the stove, and running the generator are all able to be carried out by residential propane. Our propane company also offers propane delivery and installment services directly to the homes of our clients. Based out of Pennsylvania, we are able to reach clients in Delaware and New Jersey as well with these propane delivery services. Our customer service department is available for questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our client’s convenience. Keeping our customers pleased with our propane services is incredibly important to us. The customer is always our top priority, we make sure to take your needs into consideration.