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Huntingdon Valley, PA Propane

Huntingdon Valley is a village located in the Lower Moreland Township, Upper Moreland Township and Abington Township all within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The village is situated on the Middle Road, near the Pennypack Creek. Huntingdon Valley contains two hotels, two stores, a hall, merchant mill, church, post-office, coal and lumberyard, railroad-station and about forty houses. The aforementioned church is a Presbyterian Church that is a one-story stone building, surmounted with a steeple, and was erected in 1861. Near the lower part of the village the Jenkintown Branch of the New York Railroad and the Newtown Railroad intersect each other, tending to add considerable to the prosperity of the village. In 1871, the Huntington Valley Library was established in order to enrich the community by providing an environment where people can gain knowledge through exchanging information and ideas. Lower Moreland Township is a part of what originally was a 10,000-acre land grant William Penn made to Nicholas Moore in 1682 at the founding of Pennsylvania. Originally referred to as “Goosetown,” Huntingdon Valley boasts some of the highest standards of living in the Greater Philadelphia area with 90% of the Township being single-dwelling homes and having one of the highest per capita incomes in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The residents and business owners in Huntingdon Valley are in the reliable hands of Gastec to receive all of their propane needs. There may not be many homes in this community, but the few that there are, will be able to use the residential propane services provided by Gastec. These residential propane services include uses such as heating homes, warming water, and running lights. For the bigger jobs in the community, like the church that has been built in the community would still be able to benefit from having Gastec as their main provider. These larger scale jobs would use the commercial propane services from Gastec. Commercial propane services can include anything from powering a forklift to an entire strip mall. Our customers are our highest priority, so in order to keep them happy we offer access to our customer service department day and night. Since our propane company is based in Pennsylvania, we extend propane delivery services to all of our customers, whether they are located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey. Here at Gastec, we take pride in our work and will do our best for the residents in Huntingdon Valley as well as all of our customers to take on any job, no matter the difficulty or size.