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Lansdale, PA Propane

Just northwest of Philadelphia, is the borough of Lansdale in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is a densely populated commuter town. Many residents travel daily to Philadelphia using SEPTA Regional Rail’s Lansdale/Doylestown Line from Lansdale. Lansdale is the center of the North Penn Valley, a region which includes the surrounding townships and boroughs. The earliest known settlers in Lansdale were members of the Jenkins family. At the peak of its growth, the Jenkins homestead occupied approximately 120 acres of land. The construction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad, which was later absorbed into the Reading Railroad, during the 1850s contributed to rapid growth and expansion in Lansdale. Like any small village in the early days, the railroad brought much needed work into the area, therefore creating the need for housing, businesses and even hotels. In 1860, with the influx of people moving into the area, the federal government felt the need to make this once small village a post office village. Today, Lansdale Borough is home to approximately 16,500 residents, living in 2.96 square miles or 1,894.4 acres of land. The once muddy roadways are now paved, and there are a variety of houses, shops, businesses and industries to meet the needs of the residents.

The people of Lansdale will not have to ever worry about how to heat their homes with Gastec as their propane supplier. The cold winters of Pennsylvania are nothing against our residential propane that can keep our customers’ homes warm and cozy. Our Pennsylvania based company specializes in both residential propane services and commercial propane services. Since propane is a clean source of power, it is safe for the environment and for your family. Propane is an extremely resourceful natural gas that works great with residential uses. Residential propane can be anything from powering up a backup generator or taking a warm bath. Gastec will do everything to fit our propane services to exactly what our client needs. Our commercial propane could be used for the larger projects such as the various businesses around the borough. Since we are in Pennsylvania, we offer our clients propane delivery services and customer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to make sure that our amazing services are able to be accessed by as much people as possible, so we provide the greatest services for unbeatable prices. The complete satisfaction of our customers is especially important to us here at Gastec. We guarantee that the propane will be handled and installed with care. The residents of Lansdale would be smart to choose Gastec for their propane needs.