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Lederach, PA Propane

Located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 113, Morris Road, Old Skippack Road, and Cross Road, is Lederach, an unincorporated community within the Lower Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This community has a special kind of history that is still able to live on through the Lederach family that has lived on in the town for eight generations now. In 1718, Andrew Lederach, a Swiss Mennonite and leather maker by trade, bought 100 acres to farm at a time when Pennsylvania Germans was migrating northward from Germantown. The deed, penned by a professional scribe, its ink faded, hangs in Lederach’s architectural offices in the Lederach Commons Building. The Lederachs still own much of the land Andrew purchased and many of the community’s buildings were built by the family. One of the most dramatic events to affect the residents of Lower Salford Township occurred in the 1850’s when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania revised the public school system and required all teaching to be done in English. Until this time, local residents and churches built their own one-room schoolhouses and hired Pennsylvania Dutch speaking teachers. The transition to an English-speaking culture was slow and many residents of our community continued to speak Pennsylvania Dutch as their primary language well into the 20th century. After WWII, Lower Salford saw the beginning of the transformation from a farming region to a growing suburban community.

Family is something that we understand very well here at Gastec, as we treat each one of our clients as if they are a part of ours. The people in Lederach are considered our family too and have their propane services covered with the help of everyone here at Gastec. We have worked hard to create this system that is able to deliver propane right to your home that best fits you and your family’s needs. By choosing Gastec, our residential propane services could help with keeping your home warm, powering your stove, running your lights, and much more. If your propane needs are a bit larger scale, no need to worry, because we also have great commercial propane services to help with you and your company. No one in Lederach will ever have to worry about where they should get their propane from with Gastec as the easy choice. To make sure that our customers are able to get happy and stay happy, so we have around the clock customer service team ready with answers to all of our clients’ questions. At our propane company, not only do we have various propane services that our customers can rely on, but we also offer these services at unbelievable prices. It almost seems too good to be true, but you better believe that here at Gastec, we always try out best to keep our clients pleased.