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Mont Clare, PA Propane

Along the left bank of the Schuylkill River is a small village known as Mont Clare that is part of the Upper Providence Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The site’s original English colonization was as part of the Duke of York’s holdings. In the 1820s, the construction of the Oakes Reach canal, of the “Schuylkill Navigation”, through the village brought more commerce and traffic. In the mid-20th century, the lower mile was filled in when the river was dredged, however, the upper portion was kept watered at the insistence of Mont Clare and Port Providence residents who use it for recreation. Between 1882 and 1884, the Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad was completed between Philadelphia and Reading with a station in Mont Clare. In late 1906, an express train derailed in Mont Clare, narrowly avoiding plunging into the river and any loss of life. Today, Mont Clare is primarily a residential community. Mont Clare hosts the only functional lock, or device used for raising and lowering watercraft between stretches of water of different levels on waterways, and one of only two remaining watered stretches of the Schuylkill Canal. Lock 60, a fully restored and operating lock at the upstream end of the Oakes Reach of the Schuylkill Canal.

A great way for the residents of Mont Clare to improve their community is by choosing propane and going with Gastec. Propane is an environmentally friendly source of power that is quite versatile with how it can be used. In your home, propane can keep it warm, keep on the lights, power a stove, and much more. These are all examples of residential propane, which just so happens to be a specialty of Gastec. Whether it be for a hot shower, a warm meal, or a backup plan for a blizzard, propane can keep you and your family warm during the harsh Mont Clare winters. But it doesn’t stop there, commercial propane is another specialty of ours. Any heavy machinery or large plants could be powered by our commercial propane. There are many different ways in which the people of Mont Clare will be able to benefit from choosing us as their propane provider. Since the happiness of our customers is very important to us, we offer them access to our customer service team at all times of the day and night. Our clients will never have to go with a question unanswered. We also offer excellent propane delivery services that bring our clients exactly what they need.