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Narberth, PA Propane

One of many neighborhoods on the historic Pennsylvania Main Line is Narberth, a borough in   Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is home to over 4,000 people. Narberth is a stable community with some families who have lived there for generations, many new families and lots of children, good schools around, excellent transportation links, a lively main street artery, and a solid local government that has kept the borough finances in good order throughout the first century of self-rule. Narberth’s historic center in terms of its surviving oldest buildings is along Montgomery Avenue. The town’s oldest surviving piece of construction seems to be the enormous base of a chimney still in the existing cellar of the original log cabin, most likely Swedish, that stood at 1226 Montgomery Avenue until a century ago, when its above-ground portion was razed, and the present Victorian wooden structure erected over the cabin’s old dirt basement and attached to what had been the cabin’s stone addition. This private residence is called Libertyville House because a patriotic Liberty Pole was erected in front of it by the owner in 1798. Also believed to be Swedish is Narberth’s oldest intact building, a two-story, plastered-over log cabin at 610 Shady Lane. It has an eighteenth-century stone addition and a 1924 addition and lacks only its original massive chimney. The families who live in Narberth can visit and learn from these historical sites at their leisure.

When the weather turns colder, propane can be a really good way to heat your home. The people of Narberth have no need to look any further than Gastec for the best propane services around. Not only does Gastec provide the most reasonable prices, but they also provide the most reliable propane delivery services. This around-the-clock propane delivery service keeps us assessable at all times to ensure our clients are always taken care of. We truly care about our customers, so we will make sure that the propane is delivered, handled, and installed with the utmost care. Our propane company specializes in residential propane, as well as commercial propane, and we provide excellent services for both. Residential propane is the propane that is used in your home, like the kitchen stove, hot water heater, or generator. Our propane can be used in a multitude of different ways in a home and in commercial settings. Places like schools and restaurants can really benefit from using the commercial propane services from Gastec. Even the historic center off of Montgomery Avenue could be powered by our propane services. Providing our customers with the best propane service that they can is our top priority, and that includes helping them with any problem that may come their way.