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Pennsburg, PA Propane

Pennsburg is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. With approximately 3,800 residents, Pennsburg Borough covers less than one square mile. Within the Upper Perkiomen School District, it is also part of the strip of small towns that run together along Route 29: Red Hill, Pennsburg, and East Greenville. The towns are collectively referred to as “Upper Perk”. Prior to 1684, the Lenape Indians roamed the hills and fished the streams of the land on either side of the Perkiomen Creek. In 1684, the Indians lost this land when William Penn purchased it for reportedly “two watch coats, four pairs of stockings and four bottles of cider”.  In time, Pennsylvania Germans settled in the area. Around 1840, the area now known as Pennsburg began to take on the appearance of a village. The hub consisted of a general store, a carpenter and blacksmith shop, and several houses. As the village grew in size, a meeting was held in 1843 at the Hillegas family store to decide on a permanent name and layout boundary lines.  After a weeklong bitterly contested battle, it was finally decided to name the village “Pennsburg” after William Penn. Today the area covers nearly one square mile of land. While Pennsburg remains rich in heritage, it continues to improve and develop.

The residents of Pennsburg would be able to help maintain and even improve the quality of their environment by choosing propane to power their homes. Propane is a clean source of power that is both safe for the environment and quite useful in many different settings. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with the propane serves that best fit their needs. We specialize in residential propane for at-home, and commercial propane for businesses. Residential propane could be anything from taking a hot shower to powering a generator. There are just so many unique ways to use propane. Our propane company also is able to take on larger scale projects with our commercial propane. In the hopes of always keeping our customers happy, we supply them with constant access to our customer service team. We want to make sure that our clients are offered the absolute best services for the most reasonable price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy. Here at Gastec, we pride ourselves on delivering ‘small town service’ by maintaining a personal, working relationship with our clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. With our propane delivery services, the people in Pennsburg are considered neighbors for our Pennsylvania based propane