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Red Hill, PA Propane

Northwest of Philadelphia is Red Hill, a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is home to over 2,000 residents. Red Hill was originally a part of Upper Hanover Township. During a period when villages usually sprang up at a crossroads, this village, once known as Hillegassville, spread itself along the present Main Street. The incorporation of the Red Hill Borough took place on November 13, 1902. The population was only around 350 at that time. Like many other emerging communities, the borough had a railroad station, the village hotel, and a public school. Cigar making was a major industry then. Red Hill can lay claim to a native son who was elected to Montgomery County’s highest post. Local insurance man, Forrest Henry, was elected to a four-year term at the County Seat in 1956. One year before that, he was appointed by then-Governor George Leader to the post of Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the Commonwealth. Many borough services began in the ten years after incorporation. The borough established a fire department in 1904 and by 1910, an electric and water service. A post office was established in the village of Red Hill in 1859 with Edwin N. Beysher as the first postmaster. The name was changed to RedHill in 1895 and back to Red Hill in 1905. It occupied several locations before moving to 359 Main Street in 1964. 

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