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Salford, PA Propane

Salford is an unincorporated community within the Upper Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Upper Salford Township, founded in 1727, is part of the original Salford Township. In 1741, Salford Township split into Marlborough, Upper Salford, Lower Salford, and part of Franconia Township. In 1892, Upper Salford further split into the present-day Salford and Upper Salford Townships. Along the Perkiomen Creek, the village of Salford was once known as Salford Station when the railroad still came through the township. Also, in the early 1900s, Salford was actually called Rudy. Farming, particularly dairy farming, was once a primary occupation in Upper Salford. The number of dairy farmers declined as milking techniques modernized and herds became larger. Today, open space is used primarily for crop farming. Salford was noted for their general stores that sold a variety of items including fine clocks, furniture, barrel molasses, and quilting thread. These days the area is characterized by rolling open country dotted with timber stands. The land that is “developed” consists of low-density residential dwellings that are mostly single-family detached, recreation areas, farming operations, and crossroads villages. The major road that runs through the township is State Route 63, better known as Sumneytown Pike. This road runs through the northeast portion of the township and carries traffic west to Quakertown and east to the Kulpsville interchange of the Northeast Extension.

Even though the number of dairy farms has decreased in the Salford area, it doesn’t mean that the farms that still around do not need to be powered. Thankfully for the farmers and the rest of the residents and business owners in Salford, our propane services at Gastec can keep the entire community up and running. Here at Gastec, we provide some of the very best commercial propane services that are able to take on those larger jobs such as farms and businesses. Safe for both the environment and for the family, propane is also a great way to power a home. Examples of residential propane could range from anything from powering the stove to cook a meal, to warming up the hot water tank for a steamy shower. Our propane company is based out of Pennsylvania and provides around-the-clock propane delivery services to clients across Delaware and New Jersey as well. To make sure that our customers are able to remain satisfied for the longest time as possible, we also provide a clock customer service representatives who are ready to help with any issues that may come up. The people of Salford will be able to be confident with their choice in propane services. Since we treat our clients as our neighbors, we make sure to offer them the best services for the lowest possible price. The residents of Salford will be able to benefit from both our residential propane services as well as from our commercial propane services here at Gastec.