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Salfordville, PA Propane

At the intersection of Old Skippack and Wolford Road is Salfordville, an unincorporated community within the Upper Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Salfordville was a bustling village in the 1700s and 1800s with a thriving market for livestock and farm goods. Surrounded by farms, the small village had two hotels, a one-room schoolhouse, a cigar factory, a blacksmith livery, and a general store. Salfordville was noted for their general stores that sold a variety of items including fine clocks, furniture, barrel molasses, and quilting thread. The Village of Salfordville was originally situated on the main route between the “upper country” and Philadelphia, from which it was a distant thirty-five miles, and became an early settlement in Montgomery County. This early route was opened in June 1728 and locally passed through Skippack, Lederachsville, and Salfordville on the way to Sumneytown. Along the north-eastern side of Old Skippack Road within the township milestones depicting the distances to Philadelphia may still be seen. Salfordville was also home to Christopher Dock who was an early German educator, artist, and historian. In fact, the Christopher Dock White Oak tree, estimated to be close to 300 years old, was destroyed by a storm and Upper Salford Township residents replanted a White Oak tree in its place to mark this historic landmark.

While Gastec does not go as far back the history of Salfordville, they have been a reliable propane company for many years. The residents of Salfordville would be in great hands. Here at Gastec, we provide the best propane services in Pennsylvania, for the absolute best prices. Our residential propane is what powers things such as stoves, heaters, and generators. It is something that we have been reliably providing to our clients for years. Both homeowners and business owners can benefit from our incredible propane services while benefitting their community. Propane is an environmentally safe source of power that can be used for a wide variant of tasks. The people living in the village of Salfordville would also be able to benefit from our quick and effective propane delivery services. Since we are based out of Pennsylvania, we provide these propane delivery services to our clients all across New Jersey, Delaware, and of course Pennsylvania. Having around-the-clock customer service really helps in making sure that our clients are always properly taken care of. We want to be able to keep our customers happy so that they will be able to always have access to the best care possible. The residents of Salfordville will always have the best propane services when choosing Gastec.