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Schwenksville, PA Propane

Schwenksville is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is home to over 1,300 residents. It is notable for being located near the site of the Philadelphia Folk Festival. The borough was founded in 1684 when the Lenni-Lenape Indians ceded to William Penn the land along the Perkiomen Creek; it was incorporated in 1903. The Hall & Oates song “Perkiomen” was written about the Perkiomen Creek, which constitutes Schwenksville’s eastern border. “Perkiomen” is Lenape for “muddy waters” and “where the cranberries grow.” The borough was named for George Schwenk, whose son, Jacob Schwenk, served in George Washington’s army. Schwenksville is also the gateway to the Perkiomen Trail, a nineteen-mile section of the former Reading Railroad’s Perkiomen Valley corridor. It now serves as a multi-use rail trail and was completed in 2003. The Borough was originally part of Perkiomen Township and home to the first copper mine in Pennsylvania. Ice harvesting was a major industry in the area. Several large icehouses were located along the creek, and ice was regularly shipped to Philadelphia. Mills devoted to grain and textiles were also very prominent which is evident by the existing historic structures. Its location along the Perkiomen Creek made the Borough a great summer resort community during its early existence.

Propane is a great way for the residents of Schwenksville to keep their homes warm during the winter. Here at Gastec, we provide residential propane services that allow our customers to keep their houses heated, their stoves cooking, and their lights on. Even the backup generator in the case of a power outage can be powered by propane. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane services, all the while being able to stay inexpensive. This keeps our customers happy and more likely to spread the word and keep coming to us for any of their propane needs. Propane is such a resourceful fuel that can be used in so many unique ways. Residential propane isn’t the only thing that we specialize in. We also are able to provide our clients with the best commercial propane services in the area. Our customer service team is available to our clients 24/7 for anything that they may need. Since keeping our customers happy is our number one goal, we are able to offer our exceptional propane services for the prices that our clients can actually afford. The residents of Schwenksville will be please with their ultimate access to the best propane services around.