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Souderton, PA Propane

Souderton is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania where over 6,600 call home. The town was originally named Welshtown, because it was settled by the Welsh. Souderton is prefigured in a map of 1847 as Souder’s Lumberyard, and the new name was certainly in place by the railroad era in the second half of the 19th century. In 1852, Henry O. Souder convinced the Philadelphia, Easton, and Water Gap Railroad to lay their rails right through this quiet section of Franconia Township. By 1857, when it was finally opened in this area, it was owned by the North Pennsylvania Railroad, and in 1879 it became the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. This railway would grant easy access to Philadelphia, with a station at Main and Broad streets. Throughout its history, Souderton has been home to visionary entrepreneurs. The growth of the Borough was spurred on in large part by men who enticed railroad owners to change plans and bring the North Pennsylvania Railroad through town. Souderton prospered as a vibrant town supporting the outlying farms with supplies and entertainment and bringing industry to the area. Through the generations of families who pursued their dreams here, Souderton has been home to the largest and grandest store between Philadelphia and New York, hotels, lumberyards, cigar factories, textile mills, restaurants, billiard halls, bowling alleys, and theaters. The friendly competition helped the town to grow as residents recognized the opportunities presented by each new era and responded with an eagerness to improve the lives of their families and their community.

Propane is one less worry for the residents of Souderton to have to stress over with the help of our propane company. We are proud of our work and show it by providing the greatest quality of propane services, for the best possible price. Our customer services representatives are available to our clients at all times to ensure that our customers stay happy. Complete customer satisfaction is our main goal. To make sure that the most people can benefit from our propane services, we provide propane delivery services to people throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and of course Pennsylvania. With our help, the residents of Souderton can use propane to do a variety of things in their homes, like keep the lights on in the event of a power outage or power the stove in their kitchen. These are both examples of our residential propane services, and there are many more. We also specialize in commercial propane services for clients like restaurants, warehouses, or farms. With our tough-to-beat prices and out-of-this-world customer service experience, Gastec is set aside from our competition. The borough of Souderton made the right choice with Gastec because we are known for delivering the best propane services.