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Telford, PA Propane

Located in the heart of the Indian Valley, Telford is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that has a population of around 4,870 people. Roughly half of the borough lies in Bucks County as well. Of this, about 2,600 were in Montgomery County, and about 2,200 were in Bucks County. The Borough of Telford was incorporated by decree of the Court of Quarter Sessions of Bucks County on November 10, 1886. A decade later, The Borough of West Telford was incorporated by decree of the Court of Quarter Sessions of Montgomery County on December 27, 1897. In 1934, the respective boroughs entered into an agreement for consolidation, and an election was held on this question on November 6, 1934. The voters of both boroughs approved the agreement, and on January 11, 1935, Governor Gifford Pinchot issued letters patent consolidating the two boroughs into the current Borough of Telford. The Borough has a variety of restaurants and businesses including retail stores, salons & barbershops, and several other types of businesses, including a small commercial district that provides services to the community and the surrounding areas. Souderton Area School District provides public education to the children who live in Telford Borough. Although there are no schools located within the Borough limits, the Indian Valley Public Library, which serves the Souderton Area School District, is situated in the Borough, right next to Telford Municipal Park.  Municipal Park is one of six parks that are located in Telford Borough, three of which provide ball fields.

Propane is an excellent way for the people of Telford to be able to power their homes and stay cozy during the cold winter months. At Gastec, we provide residential propane services to our clients for anything they may need. Besides keeping the house warm, propane is also used to power the kitchen stove, the grill in the backyard, and even the backup generator. If your propane needs are a bit larger scale, no need to worry because we also have great commercial propane services to help you and your company. Our commercial propane services would be the perfect fit for keeping the Indian Valley Library warm and cozy for the readers in Telford. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane services, all the while being able to stay inexpensive. Our customer service is available to our customers at all times. We also provide around-the-clock propane delivery and installation services that outrank all the others. Since propane is considered a clean source of power, it is not harmful to the environment and is safe to have around your family. It almost seems too wonderful to be true, but you better believe that here at Gastec, we always try out hardest to keep our clients like the residents of Telford gratified.