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Tylersport, PA Propane

Located along the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 563 and Allentown Road is Tylersport, an unincorporated community in the Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Salford Township as it now exists was not separately organized from Upper Salford Township until 1892, but its history dates back to the first half of the 18th Century. Traditions survive about an early tract of land called “the thousand acres” purchased by Thomas Mayburry in 1742 which included the present Village of Tylersport.  The “thousand-acre tract” remained in the Mayburry family until 1797 when it was sold to pay family debts and the most desirable part was divided into forty lots of five to twenty-five acres along the two roads north of Ridge Road. This was the beginning of the village of Tylersport even though it did not get its name until years later. Originally named Cressmanville until a post office was established in 1842, the community was the largest settlement in the Salford Township. The postmaster renamed the village Tyler’s Port in honor of John Tyler who succeeded William H. Harrison as President. Then in 1895, the present spelling of Tylersport was adopted. Today the township has been successful in purchasing a 21.6-acre parcel of open space known as the Copper Mine Creek Preservation Area, bound by Hill Road and the North Branch of the Ridge Valley Creek.

The residents of Tylersport will never have to worry about how they will keep their homes heated or lights running if they choose Gastec for their propane needs. Propane is a source of power that is safe for the environment while staying versatile and powerful. Whether it be for a home or for a much larger business, our propane company can take the task. Residential propane is what people use in their homes to do things like cook a meal, heat their homes, or even power a generator if things really get hairy. Our propane company offers propane services for a satisfactory price that keeps our clients coming back. We also offer superb propane delivery services that reach our clients throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania where we are based. With our help and amazing customer service, the lovely people of Tylersport will never have to worry about a question going unanswered. We offer 24/7 access to our customer service team, and our propane delivery services are around the clock as well. We truly want our clients to have the best of the best when it comes to our propane services, we also value the quality of care.