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Willow Grove, PA Propane

Willow Grove is a census-designated place that is part of the Upper Dublin Township, Abington Township, and Upper Moreland Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Originally known as “The Manor of Moreland”, the name officially became Willow Grove about 1792 when it appeared on a map of Pennsylvania townships. The planting of willow trees to absorb the surrounding swampland strengthened the decision to give Willow Grove its name. The Willow Grove area enjoys its place in Revolutionary War history, as well. Washington’s troops marched through Willow Grove in 1777 on their way to the Battle of Brandywine, and the famous Battle of Crooked Billet took place in the vicinity of Hatboro. The Willow Grove area was also a major player in the efforts of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Old York Road was a primary route through Pennsylvania, leading slaves to freedom in Canada. Now Willow Grove is considered an edge city of Philadelphia with large amounts of retail and office space. The community is in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs and is home to around 15,700 people. Willow Grove was once known for Willow Grove Park, an amusement park that was open from 1896 to 1976, which is now the site of Willow Grove Park Mall.

Propane is something that the residents of Willow Grove will never get confused over with the help of our propane company, Gastec. This eco-friendly power source is a great way to fuel your home or business. Propane is a clean power source that we specialize in here at Gastec. We offer our clients services for both residential and commercial uses. When you are turning on the stove or switching on the lights, you could be using propane in your home for that. Powering something like the Willow grove Park amusement park would fall under the category of commercial propane. We specialize in both types of propane services here at Gastec. We always want to make sure that our customers are happy at all times, so we provide access to our customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our propane delivery services are also offered around the clock and are able to reach people throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We are able to give our clients the best possible service, for the lowest possible price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy at all times, which is our ultimate goal at the end of the day.