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Wyncote, PA Propane

Wyncote is a census-designated place within the Cheltenham Township at the southeasternmost tip of  Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Located only 5 miles from the center of Philadelphia, it borders the northwestern and northeastern sections of Philadelphia. From its beginning developers and residents ensured that Wyncote would remain an exclusive community. They often made deed requirements with minimum building costs and lot sizes that restricted homeownership to wealthier individuals. By 1915 when most development and settlement ended, Wyncote had earned a reputation as an exclusive community of wealthy residents. People from the managerial and professional elite of Philadelphia settled in Wyncote. Wyncote’s architecture is also exceptional. Wyncote contains a significant collection of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century buildings designed by outstanding Philadelphia architects. The architecture of Wyncote also illustrates the increasing role of important university-trained architects in the design of turn-of-the-century, upper-income houses in suburban Philadelphia. The majority of architects working in Wyncote received their professional training in the new School of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Graduates of the School of Architecture were also connected to Wyncote through social ties. Thus, the Wyncote Historic District includes an outstanding collection of buildings designed by prominent Philadelphia architects. This district is important as an example of a wealthy late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Philadelphia suburb.

When the weather turns colder, propane can be a really good way to heat your home. The people of the Wyncote township have no need to look any further than Gastec for the best propane services around. Not only does Gastec provide the most reasonable prices, but they also provide the most reliable propane delivery services. This around-the-clock propane delivery service keeps us assessable at all times to ensure our clients are always taken care of. We truly care about our customers, so we will make sure that the propane is delivered, handled, and installed with the utmost care. Our propane company specializes in residential propane, as well as commercial propane, and we provide excellent services for both. Residential propane is the propane that is used in your home, like the kitchen stove, hot water heater, or generator. Our propane can be used in a multitude of different ways in a home and in commercial settings. Places like schools and restaurants can really benefit from using the commercial propane services from Gastec. Providing our customers with the best propane service that they can is our top priority, and that includes helping them with any problem that may come their way.