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Wynnewood, PA Propane

Just west of Philadelphia is a suburban unincorporated community known as Wynnewood that straddles the Lower Merion Township and the Haverford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Today, the Lower Merion Township is largely residential, with thriving business districts and designated historic communities including Wynnewood. Lower Merion boasts a wide-ranging array of playgrounds, swimming pools, picnic areas, and nature parks over 40-plus facilities encompassing more than 700 acres. Playgrounds are equipped with facilities for tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball, and the Township offers supervised recreation programs during the summer and winter months. Located in the heart of the historic “Main Line,” the Township is a first-ring suburban community bordering the City of Philadelphia. Wynnewood was named in 1691 for Dr. Thomas Wynne, William Penn’s physician and the first Speaker of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Wynnewood is one of many neighborhoods on the historic Pennsylvania Main Line and is the home of institutions such as Lankenau Hospital, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Palmer Theological Seminary, and Friends’ Central School. A notable person who has once called Wynnewood home is Kobe Bryant, the star NBA player who spent his entire career on the Los Angeles Lakers once lived in Wynnewood while attending Lower Merion High School in nearby Ardmore.

The people of Wynnewood will not have to ever worry about how to heat their homes with Gastec as their propane supplier. The cold winters of New Jersey are nothing against our residential propane that can keep our customers’ homes warm and cozy. Our Pennsylvania-based company specializes in both residential propane services and commercial propane services. Since propane is a clean source of power, it is safe for the environment and for your family. Propane is an extremely resourceful natural gas that works great with residential uses. Residential propane can be anything from powering up a backup generator or taking a warm bath. Gastec will do everything to fit our propane services to exactly what our client needs. Since we are in Pennsylvania, we offer our clients propane delivery services and customer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to make sure that our amazing services are able to be accessed by as many people as possible, so we provide the greatest services for unbeatable prices. The complete satisfaction of our customers is very important to us here at Gastec. We guarantee that the propane will be handled and installed with care for the people of Wynnewood.